Karen expresses her artistry through drawing and painting and finds that quilting on the Gammill is very similar to both - she draws with thread.  Karen loves creating and designing her own quilts and competes as much as possible.  She loves anything and everything creative - when she's not stitching you can usually find her doodling away! 

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Karen pieced her first quilt top in 2003. One scrap of fabric lead to another and two years later she purchased her first Gammill quilting machine and opened Creative Longarm Quilting - turning her hobby into a business.  It didn't take long for longarm quilting to become her true passion as she brought her artistic background to her work, developing her own unique style of custom quilting. 

Karen entered her first quilt show in 2006 and won Judge’s Choice.  Since then, she has won numerous national awards for her personal quilts, as well as client quilts.  She quilts samples for the Niemeyers/Quiltworx, Jinny Beyer, as well as RJR Fabrics, just to name a few.  She is one of Gammill's Quilt Artists and her work has been seen in several publications, as well as multiple Gammill ads.  She recently appeared on The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky and has several special events on The Quilt Show’s website. 

Karen brings a fresh open approach to teaching, encouraging quilters to use their passion to create and increase their skills gently while enjoying their creations the whole way.

Local quilting clients (SE Florida) are seen by appointment.  If you are not local, you may ship your quilt, please email for additional information on shipping procedures.

You can follow along both of her blogs:
Client work:  creativelongarmquilting.blogspot.com
Personal work: karenmarchetti.blogspot.com

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