Hibiscus Fabric Painting (full day workshop)

Starting with a blank piece of fabric we’ll create this beautiful hibiscus and butterfly with absolutely zero painting experience – you don’t even have to know how to draw!  Don’t let the painting part scare you - in this workshop , Karen will break the process down into easy-to-learn steps.  You will be surprised at how effortless it is to create amazing painted pieces.  

2019 FEB 4-5

Manatee Pathworkers Quilt Guild - Bradenton, FL

Foundation Applique - Tulip (full day workshop)

Here’s your chance to learn Karen’s go-to method for machine appliqué.  In class you will learn the same foundation paper turned edge style of appliqué that Karen relies on.  Karen will share a few tricks for creating perfect points as well as smooth curves.
Once your pieces are complete, you will learn her invisible machine appliqué technique.  You will leave with a project ready for quilting at home.  

Trunk Show of various pieces of Karen's work (60-90 minutes)

Scrollwork (2-hour drawing or 4-hour hands-on longarm workshop)

An extremely versatile go-to stitch is the scroll.  Karen will share several variations of the basic scroll as well as how to use them in more than just sashings.  Students will have a lot of curly, scrolly fun all while adding a bunch of scroll options to their go-to stitches.

Build-A-Stitch 2 (2-hour drawing or 4-hour hands-on longarm workshop)

This class covers a selection from the next 60 stitches in this technique series.  Again, just like in the Build-A-Stitch original, we’ll build stitches based off a very simple stitch to expand your library of stitches even farther!  This technique helps improve muscle memory all while increasing free motion confidence.  Build-A-Stitch is NOT a pre-requisite.  Karen will cover the basics of the technique at the beginning of class but, realize that these stitches are a little more complex.  You will have an even larger library of go-to stitches after this class.


Build-A-Stitch (2-hour drawing or 4-hour hands-on longarm workshop)

This is one of Karen’s most popular classes and is the basis of her books.  Starting with a very basic stitch, we’ll expand your library of stitches by adding one element at a time.  This is a great class for beginners, or those needing a little more confidence in their free motion abilities.  This technique helps to improve muscle memory all while increasing confidence.  By the end of class, you will have a full library of go-to stitches.   Karen will share some neat tricks and tips on combining different stitches for even more stitch ideas.

The Creative Process (half-day workshop)

A true peek into Karen’s creative brain as she shares her process of creating an original quilt – this class is in no way a lecture – it is a true design/draw class. 
We’ll start with a blank piece of paper and by the end of class you will have designed your very own original quilt!  Yes, it really is that easy – just a little guidance and some creativity and you’ll soon be on your way to designing many original quilts.  This process can be used to create both appliqué as well as wholecloth designs.  Karen will share information on the next steps after the initial design, and also share some tips on proceeding from design to fabric.  

Fast Forward Feathers (2-hour drawing or 4-hour hands-on longarm workshop)

Feathers are Karen's absolute favorite quilty thing.  Some people shy away from feathers because they are so formal and precise.  Not these feathers, they are more whimsical in nature, and best of all, they are ZERO backtrack!  While these aren't your traditional feathers, they are fun, fast, and fill space rather quickly.

Build-A-Stitch 3 (2-hour drawing or 4-hour hands-on longarm workshop)

This class covers various stitches from both books 1 and 2 and shows how to use these stitches virtually anywhere -- blocks, circles, triangles, flying geese, borders, and more.  Class 1 and 2 ARE a prerequisite as we only cover how to use the stitches, not how to make each stitch.  You will now be unstoppable in your use of all 80 stitches!

If you are interested in a workshop not listed here use the contact form below.  Most likely a workshop can be created/modified to fit your groups specific needs.

2019 APR 10-13

Machine Quilters Expo - MQX East, Manchester, NH

2019 MAY 17

Peace River Quilters Guild, Punta Gorda, FL

All three Build-A-Stitch classes can be combined for an all-day drawing workshop or two-day hands-on workshop.

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